Forensic Science: What are we missing?

Forensic Science: What are we missing?By Robert Green OBE on 28/09/17

The University of Kent's Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science considers the current issue of forensic science regualation as being more a problem of what isn't submitted in criminal investigations than of what is. Read more...


ECHR not ECJBy Geir Madland on 23/08/17

The European Court of Justice (ECJ), based in Luxembourg should not be confused with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), based in Strasbourg.
Brexit means we're leaving one but not the other.

Courts need lawyers as much as people need lawyers.

Courts need lawyers as much as people need lawyers.By Neil White on 04/07/17

I’ve worked in criminal law for over twenty years, for both the defence and prosecution, which means that I can give a neutral perspective, which is this: the system is creaking under its own weight, and the lack of access to lawyers is making it worse. Read more...

Trial by Television

Trial by TelevisionBy Neil Root on 15/06/17

A documentary which has just aired passing judgement on the case of the late Susan May and the murder of her aunt Hilda Marchbank in 1992 was a travesty of justice and totally irresponsible. Read more...

Imprisonment and Forensic Science Conference

Imprisonment and Forensic Science ConferenceBy Inside Justice on 31/03/17

At the end of March, Inside Justice hosted its first youth conference, on ‘Imprisonment and Forensic Science’, in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall, kindly provided by the University of Essex. Read more...

Rough justice: who is looking out for the wrongfully convicted?

Rough justice: who is looking out for the wrongfully convicted?By Duncan Campbell on 28/02/17

How internet sleuths - and secret courts - have changed the reporting of miscarriages of justice.

First published in the New Statesman.