Advice for Prisoners & Families

In many of the cases we investigate, accused persons didn’t obtain appropriate advice at the right time.

Inside Justice has produced a short guide ‘Miscarriages of Justice (and how to avoid them)’. The guide covers each stage of the criminal justice process from arrest to Court of Appeal hearings. While not intended as a substitute for professional advice and assistance, the guide provides useful information for persons wrongly accused/convicted of a crime they did not commit.

The printed version of the guide is currently available to buy from Amazon or you can download a pdf version

If you would like our help

We can only consider cases where a person is currently serving a prison sentence for a crime they say they have not done. We cannot offer advice on matters relating to sentencing and we are unlikely to be able to help if an appeal is already underway, though we may be able to assist with a specific new piece of work if funding has been denied. We do not replace legal advice and try to work with existing lawyers although we may be able to assist in finding new representation if needed.

All applicants must complete our standard questionnaire which gives us permission to conduct an initial review. We do not want all of the case papers sent to us in the first instance. However, if you have a copy of the Trial Judge’s Summing Up and/or any official papers relating to any appeal or CCRC decision you should send them to us.

We will write back to you, usually, within a month to indicate whether we are able to take your case forward. Please remember that we are only able to conduct a full investigation on a small number of cases at any one time.